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Post Date: 04-May-2021
IAL Students Participate in Design Education Programme

In March and April this year, our 4F IAL students participated in the Solnno Design Education programme in a series of six Liberal Studies lessons.

The programme is part of the research entitled “Assessment of students’ 21st century skills and growth mindset, and teaching kits evaluation” carried out by the Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU and the Faculty of Education, HKU. Our IAL students used the design thinking approach to develop models for improving the liveability of the neighbouring community with the aid of the software Miro which features functions such as ‘post-it’ brainstorming, sketching and making pitching posters. They will incorporate their primary findings into their end-of-term paper later.

Also in attendance were four of our Liberal Studies teachers and one of our Visual Art teachers who observed the lessons and gained insights into the innovative pedagogical practice.

This was indeed a fruitful collaboration for students, teachers and the research team. Not only did the programme stimulate our students’ creativity through empowering students to think like a designer, it also provided the Liberal Studies Department with inspirations for planning the new common core curriculum to be introduced to Form 4 next year.

In addition, the three online sessions on Zoom and the three face-to-face sessions at PolyU gave the researchers useful data from a boys’ school for the summary report of their three-year project.

Many thanks to the PolyU Social Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation for running the wonderful programme online and hosting the inspirational workshops in their design lab.