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Motto, Mission and Goals
The offering to Chinese youths of a modern, liberal education in the English language (but including the subject of Chinese language in the curriculum) upon Christian principles, Protestant and Evangelical, as professed by the Sheng Kung Hui.
The educational goals of the College, in accordance with its mission, may be described as:
  • To cultivate a healthy attitude to life and the world and to expose students to the Christian message.
  • To inculcate civic awareness in students and to develop them into responsible and useful citizens of community with respect for intellectual property, human rights, freedom and justice.
  • To enable students to develop their intellectual potential fully, to think logically and creatively, to study and solve problems independently, and to communicate effectively in English and Chinese.
  • To develop students' skills and abilities in Information Technology and to arouse the interest in life-long learning.
  • To develop students' physical and musical skills and abilities and to encourage enjoyment in sports and music.
  • To encourage the appreciation of the arts and development of artistic talents and skills.
  • To promote respect for the views and opinions of others, harmonious relationships in school, the family and the community, and participation in community affairs.
  • To develop in students the ability to cope with adverse situations and emotional problems.