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Post Date: 23-November-2021
The Distinguished Prefect Assembly Series Part 3: Dr. Deacons Yeung Tai-kong

In the Distinguished Prefect Assembly Series Part 3, we were delighted to have Dr. Deacons Yeung Tai-Kong, the Director (Cluster Service) of the Hospital Authority, as our guest speaker.

Dr. Yeung shared with the school his good memories of his time at SPC. He also stressed the importance of learning from each other and helping each other in the SPC community. He illustrated this important lesson with a modern version of the classic fable: ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’.

In his speech, Dr. Yeung also expressed his gratitude for his alma mater, and recalled how senior SPC alumni in the medical faculty had assisted him and other young alumni during their medical studies.

Because of this positive experience, Dr. Yeung told the students that he has continued the fine tradition of offering assistance and support to newly-admitted medical students from SPC, and that he is proud of the brotherhood bond that binds Paulines together even after graduation.