Advisors: Mr. CHAN Chi Chiu (Chief), Miss CHAN Kit Yee, Mr. LEE Ho Wing,  Miss WONG Man Wai, Mr. Allan JOLLY, Mr. NG Jeffrey Ka Lap

Extra-curricular activities play a very important part in the life of St. Paul's College. These activities help to fulfill the school's aim of developing well-rounded individuals.

The activities are generally carried out under the auspices of the Students' Association, which is an organization of the whole school body, of which every student is a member. The president is elected by the students and an Executive Council is formed to take care of the operation of the association.

The Executive Council is the decision making body of the Students' Association, and is in overall charge of its six departments, namely:
1. The Affiliated Clubs Committee helps all clubs in financial need and in other matters such as club registration.
2. The Audit Committee monitors the income and expenditure of the Students' Association.
3. The Programming Committee is responsible for overall programmes such as the Form One Day, the Sponsored Walk, the Class Overall Championship, etc.
4. The Public Relations Committee is responsible for liaison with external bodies or other schools.
5. The Student Publication Council is responsible for the publication of ‘Wayfarer’ and ‘Scope’.
6. The Welfare Committee provides welfare services such as lunch-box service, sale of used textbooks, sale of school sweaters, etc.