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Post Date: 24-November-2021
The Distinguished Prefect Assembly Series Part 4: Mr. Shun Chi Ming, SBS

We were honoured to have Mr. Shun Chi Ming, SBS, Head Prefect of the College in 1981-1982 and former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, as our guest speaker in the last part of the Distinguished Prefect Assembly Series.

In his speech, Mr. Shun mentioned how he overcame different obstacles during his studies and career. Besides, he shared with the school how his interest in calculus and physics had paved the way for him to study meteorology. His passion for these two subjects later helped him develop the world-first light detection and ranging (LIDAR) windshear alerting system for the Hong Kong International Airport.

Mr. Shun reminded our students that self-discipline and life-long learning are essential for success in the ever-changing world. He concluded by encouraging Paulines to pursue their dreams boldly with passion.