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Post Date: 14-September-2022
Form 1 Anti-bullying Programme

On 8 September, Mr. Ivan Ma, assistant project manager of Project Inspire, visited us, together with more than 10 student leaders from The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). They held an anti-bullying programme for Form 1, arranged and assisted by the SEN Team and the Discipline Team.

Mr. Ma showed a few video clips on the themes of ‘bullying’ and ‘inclusivity at school’. In particular, one of them outlined common issues faced by students with special educational needs (SEN), especially those with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

The visiting student leaders then led the group discussions that followed. During the discussions, the F.1 students were eager to explore ways to eliminate bullying, to embrace differences and to build positive relationships with peers. They also learnt how empathy helps iron out differences between people.

The session concluded with some fun game booths for our students to build up their social skills, as well as to reinforce what they had learnt.

Overall, the anti-bullying programme was a great success with our new students demonstrating a readiness to create an inclusive learning environment for themselves and for others at school.