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Post Date: 10-November-2023
Joint-School Staff Development Day With St. Stephen's Girls' College for a collaborative Journey of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education

Teachers from St. Stephen's Girls' College and St. Paul's College convened on 29 September for a successful Professional Development Day on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.

We were honoured to have Dr. Stanley Ho, a professional consultant from the Department of Educational Administration and Policy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, share his valuable insights and research studies on the relationship between Generative AI and learning. Dr. Ho's expertise provided us with a deeper understanding of integrating AI into education.

To demonstrate practical examples of AI tools in education, we invited Mr. Kobe Tsang and Mr. Jack Seto, seconded teachers from the Centre of Excellence at the Education Bureau. They shared strategies and platforms that enhance teaching efficiency and support daily administrative work.

Following the keynote speeches, teachers were divided into six forums based on Key Learning Areas (KLAs). In these forums, educators actively engaged in in-depth discussions about the challenges and opportunities of AI in teaching and learning within their respective KLAs.

The Joint-School Teacher Professional Development Day marked a significant milestone in our collaborative journey of utilising AI in education. In the age of AI, we continually evolve and embrace innovative approaches to education.